Curse Of Strahd PDF (2016)

Curse Of Strahd PDF (2016)

is the most famous version in the series of publisher Wizards RPG Team

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Curse Of Strahd PDF 


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curse of strahd pdf

curse of strahd pdf



Under Raging Storm Clouds, A lone figure stands silhouetted against the ancient walls of Castle Ravenloft. The vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich stares down a sheer cliff at the village below. A
cold, bitter wind spins dead leaves about him, billowing his cape in the darkness.

Lightning splits the clouds overhead, casting stark white light across him. Strahd turns to the sky, revealing the angular muscles of his face and hands. He has a look of power-and of madness. His once handsome face is contorted by a tragedy darker than the night itself. Rumbling thunder pounds the castle spires.

The wind’s howling increases as Strahd turns his gaze back to the village. Far below, yet not beyond his ken, a party of adventurers has just entered his domain. Strahd’s face forms a twisted smile as his dark plan unfolds.

He knew they were coming, and he knows why they have come-all according to his plan. He, the master of Ravenloft, will attend to them. Another lightning flash rips through the darkness, its
thunder echoing through the castle’s towers. But Strahd is gone. Only the howling of the wind-or perhaps a lone wolf-fills the midnight air. The master of Raven loft is having guests for dinner. And you are invited.

curse of strahd pdf

                  curse of strahd pdf


Curse of Strahd is a story of gothic horror, presented here as a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS roleplaying game adventure for a party of four to six adventurers of levels . A balance of character classes is helpful, since the adventurers will face a variety of challenges. Each character class will certainly have its moment to shine.


Adventurers from a foreign land find themselves in Barovia, a mysterious realm surrounded by deadly fog and ruled by Strahd von Zarovich, a vampire and wizard. Using a deck of tarokka cards to predict their future, a fortune-teller named Madam Eva sets them on a dark course that takes them to many corners of Barovia, culminating with a vampire hunt in Castle Ravenloft.

Madam Eva’s people are called the Vistani. They travel in covered wagons from world to world, luring
strangers into Strahd’s domain. Barovia is a land of ghosts, werewolves, and other fell

The wilderness hides many secrets, including forgotten ruins and battlefields that tell the story of
Strahd’s life as a conqueror. Adventurers who explore the wilderness find the remnants of Strahd’s ancient enemies, not all of them as dead as one might expect.

For the people of Barovia, there is no escape from this harsh land. The town of Vallaki stands ready to defend itself against the servants of Strahd, but it’s far from the sanctuary it purports to be. The village of Krezk lies near the edge of Strahd’s domain, its abbey now in the
clutches of evil, misguided creatures.main, the village

Of all the settlements in Strahd’s domain, the village of Barovia is by far the most oppressed. Many of its shops are closed, and the locals have succumbed to despair. It is well known  that Strahd desires the burgo master’s adopted daughter, Ireena Kolyana. The villagers neither protect nor harm her, lest they incur the vampire’s warth. Few know that Ireena bears an uncanny resemblance to Tatyana, Strahd’s dead beloved.


Much of the adventure’s action is driven by the clash between the adventurers’ decisions and Strahd’s goals, and the adventurers and the vampire are all caught in strands of fate that are represented by a special card reading detailed in chapter 1, “Into the Mists.” Before you run the adventure, you need to conduct that reading to determine the location of several items that are key to the story, as well as one of the locations where Strahd can be found.


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